Moving to Mars – April 2020

April 2020 | Mini-series

Dez and Tina get ready to move to Mars. Follow their journey from Bury to space as they train themselves mentally and physically for a whole new world.

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  • Episode 1
    Cold Training Dez and Tina prepare for life on Mars with some cutting edge cold training techniques. Dez has been doing his research […]
  • Episode 2
    Physical Training Dez and Tina put their bodies to the test as they prepare for the extreme conditions of space adventure.
  • Episode 3
    Back to School Dez and Tina have a special visitor ready to help sharpen their maths skills, preparing them for life as astronauts. […]
  • Episode 4
    Meet the Family: Tune in today at 7:30pm! Will Tina have time to make amends with Dez before it’s time to meet the […]
  • Episode 5
    Happy Families: Tune in today at 6pm! Cath and Gina sit down with the happy couple. As old feuds surface and questions over […]


Dez: Lee Lomas
Tina: Imogen Davis

Written by Lee Lomas.

Created in isolation by Lee Lomas & Imogen Davis