Waving at Strangers – Pilot 2021

Aaron, a working class Mancunian man, is trying to work out what it’s all about – love, relationships, male and female dynamics, building families and interacting with the opposite sex. He just had his heart broken by Gracie. She’s sweet, caring and nurturing, but she isn’t a pushover either. She has her principles in check and they won’t be compromised for anyone. We join Aaron’s story, as he is going through the pain and despair of a breakup. He lost himself and got jealous, possessive and controlling. He knew it was wrong and yet he couldn’t help himself, and now she’s gone, well, not completely, but she’s done with him for now.

Past Productions

Stage play

One Minute, Etcetera Theatre Camden – 2020

Web Series

Moving to Mars, Written & Directed by Lee Lomas – 2020


Partly Rotten, Written & Directed by Lee Lomas – 2019