Online Courses

Join Lee’s bespoke Online courses. Every block runs for 4 weeks each. Join the current block, starting w/c 29th of June now, or enquire about future courses.

Option 1:
elf Tape Course

  • Self Tape Course
  • 8 hours of contact time
  • max 10 people
  • £80 for 4 weeks

Option 2:

  • Further Study of Casting Brackets
  • 12 hours of contact time
  • max 10 people
  • £90 for 4 weeks

Option 3:
Scriptwriting Course

  • 10 hours of contact time
  • max 10 people
  • £100 for 4 weeks


No other classes gives me the practice I need, the filming and feedback we receive is invaluable. Lee has a great eye and knowledge he’s collected over his years of being an actor/director. He’s witty, straight to the point and always fair.Which not only makes he one hell of a teacher but also a mentor in my eyes.


The honesty. I know if I come in and try something and it doesn’t work, I will get a truly honest evaluation and a way to improve myself. There’s no tiptoeing round the point. If you’re shit, you’re shit, but here’s a way you can be better. Almost 100% of the time my performance is stronger and I feel more confident!


I felt comfortable and in a safe space to continue my progression. Honest feedback. Believing in your students. Seeing Lee create his own work is very inspiring.


Option 1: Practical Aesthetics – Self Tape Course 8 hours (max 10 people), £80 for 4 weeks

How it will work:

Scripts will be sent out on Friday to be learnt by Monday. The first section of class will be spent looking at technique and how to prepare the script correctly, you will then have half an hour to self-tape and send the scene to me, which I will then analyse with the group.


Friday: Scripts will be sent out, to be learnt by Monday

Monday 6:30-8:30pm: 

  • Looking at the technique, theory and prepping the script
  • 30 mins to self-tape
  • Live group video, I will watch the tapes live and talk through my feedback and what you can work on/you should have done differently. The whole group will be able to watch the tapes and see the points I’m making.

Each week we will work on a different style: 

Week 1: Comedy
Week 2: High Emotion
Week 3: Monologues
Week 4: Supporting Roles

How to Join:

Option 2: Character Work & Further Study of Casting Brackets – 12 hours (max 10 people), £90 for 4 weeks

Dates: Two Options (10 people each): Monday 3-6pm or Tuesday 6-9pm

How it will work:

The aim with this is for more experienced students (please ask if you’re unsure who this is) to really concentrate and perfect/develop a casting bracket, working solely on one character from a play/film/tv series over the course of 4 weeks (different scene from the body of work each week). Adding layers; physical/vocal and seeing how the CB operates in different scenarios.

Actors will be paired up before the course starts and will find a film/play/tv series to work on for the four week period. Each actor is required to send their scene before class for analysis, you will then receive redirection in class and have 30-40 mins to reshoot the scene. Actors are then given notes and feedback to take on board and apply to their character for the following week.

How to Join:

Option 3: Scriptwriting Course – 10 hours (max 8 people), £100 for 4 weeks

Dates: Tuesday 3-5 or 6pm (Depending on number of participants)

This is for people interested in becoming a writer OR for people who are already writing and want some help on a project. 

How it will work:

Students will be guided on developing a script of their choice. No previous experience needed. I will help you with the basics of script writing:

  • Treatments
  • Structure
  • Format
  • Scene-by-scene
  • Developing dialogue and characters

How to Join: