What to expect

You will find your strengths, build your self-esteem and confidence which will fill you with a deeper understanding of what you have to offer as an actor and what makes you unique.

We will get you out of your head and teach you Practical Aesthetics, a literal, straight to the point approach to acting that gets you on your feet quickly.

You will develop a greater understanding of how to market yourself as well as a technique that allows you to confidently walk into an audition room, deliver a brilliant performance and leave knowing you did a great job.

Questions? Back to classes or email us at info@leelomas.co.uk

No other classes gives me the practice I need, the filming and feedback we receive is invaluable. Lee has a great eye and knowledge he’s collected over his years of being an actor/director. He’s witty, straight to the point and always fair.Which not only makes he one hell of a teacher but also a mentor in my eyes.


The honesty. I know if I come in and try something and it doesn’t work, I will get a truly honest evaluation and a way to improve myself. There’s no tiptoeing round the point. If you’re shit, you’re shit, but here’s a way you can be better. Almost 100% of the time my performance is stronger and I feel more confident!


I felt comfortable and in a safe space to continue my progression. Honest feedback. Believing in your students. Seeing Lee create his own work is very inspiring.