An actress speaks: Pressure

by Hayley Mcfadyen I personally suffer from the pressures of most things around me in life, not just acting and the overwhelming industry itself. Pressure can benefit us and push us, some of my best work comes from being switched on. But it can also cause problems which don’t need to be there. Pressure mostly…

Black Actors in a White World

by Samuel Nunez Upon writing this piece I am reminded of Michael Kiwanuka’s song “I’m a black man in a White World”. It’s why I altered the title slightly but I feel that it will cover more than being an actor. Acting is what I do, not who I am. The mood reflects the same…

Episode 4

Meet the Family: Tune in today at 7:30pm! Will Tina have time to make amends with Dez before it’s time to meet the family? Dez and Tina get ready to move to Mars. Follow their journey from Bury to space as they train themselves mentally and physically for a whole new world. written by Lee…

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Past Workshops: American Accent

What we cover

  • Pronunciation exercises covering key sound differences in Standard American Accent
  • Complex intonation patterns and rhythms to help actors sound more natural
  • Application of technique to monologues and dialogues

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About Amanda

Amanda is an American actress and has been based in London since 2016, where she began studying Mamet technique with Lee. She credits learning the technique with increasing her success in auditions and changing her perspective on what it means to “be an actor”. She has an extensive background in American repertory theatre, television and commercials, and has been seen most recently in London on stage as Allison in Orisun Productions “Spring Board”, and in Avenue 5, a new comedy on HBO (pre-production). Amanda has been teaching with 1956 since January 2019.

How to get there

Old Diorama studios is located in central London. Nearest tube stations are Warren Street, Euston Square and Great Portland Street.

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