October 2018 Salford Arts, MCR | Kings Head Theatre, LDN

It’s Manchester, it’s grey, the days roll into one. Working class drama, tackling big issues with unapologetically hard hitting dialogue and northern wit to balance it out.

The story

Sunrise for the Blind 
is a tough, grinding piece of theatre that depicts the drudgery and desperation of life a long, long way below the poverty line. Written by Mancunian writer and performer Lee Lomas (who also stars in the role of Nathan), this is a show that delivers as realistic and convincing a portrayal of abject poverty as anything else you’re likely to see on stage.

“With a cleverly written plot that introduces a pseudo-whodunnit mystery that persists slowly and builds tantalisingly before culminating in an unexpected twist, this is a show that tells a modern-day story of very modern-day problems in an altogether new and at times shocking way.”

The Greater Manchester Reviewer