April 2019 | The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London

Stephens suffering with his mental health, the walls are closing in, there are clouds inside the house and his Nana is seemingly the cause of it all.

The piece is about a young man, Stephen, who is starting to dissociate from his environment and his loved ones. His mental health is deteriorating and he is sinking into an anxiety-fuelled state of depression. As the days pass he is grows ever more agoraphobic and finds he cannot trust his own impulses or the behaviour of anyone around him. He lives with his elderly Nana in the house he was raised in, she is his only living relative. His long-term girlfriend, Kimmy, also shares their home alongside Nana’s live-in carer, Anne. It is an increasingly claustrophobic situation and Stephens fractured perspective soon starts to create collateral confusion within the home. As the paranoia mounts and the hostility of the environment intensifies; it soon becomes a battleground for gaining control; control of one’s home, one’s mind, one’s life.  

Written by Lee Lomas & Directed by Michael Black for 1956 Studio.